NPT Arts & Crafts Network

Calling all Artists and Crafters in Neath Port Talbot

Regenerate NPT has commissioned a Feasibility Study to explore the possible development of an Arts and Craft Network in Neath Port Talbot.

Neath Port Talbot currently has no formal network of arts and crafts people or hobbyists and the lack of such a network means that any co-ordinated opportunity to market or expand and to create an economically viable and sustainable sector may be being missed.

RDP Rural Community Facilitators, Suzette Phillips and Bethan Blackmore, are tasked with conducting the study, the findings of which, if positive, will result in the production of a Development Plan exploring the potential of an Arts and Crafts Network with the following aims:

  • To establish whether an Arts and Crafts Network can support economic growth through the sales of hand-made arts and crafts in Neath Port Talbot.
  • To establish whether an Arts and Crafts Network would decrease social isolation and improve well-being for the elderly and socially isolated through using their creative skills.

In brief, the study will:

  • Explore how providing socialising opportunities through craft for the elderly and socially isolated could improve social inclusion.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for formal and informal training and mentoring in IT and social media to encourage social interaction and explore self-promotion/sales of arts and crafts.
  • Establish how the development of a supportive network can be relevant and beneficial for local artists and crafters and give opportunity and encouragement to those, less confident, in order to develop their skills.

To this end a questionnaire has been created to gauge the views and opinions of local artists and crafters throughout Neath Port Talbot on the concept of a local network, in principle, and to establish whether there is support and enthusiasm for it.  It is neither the aim nor intention to ask anyone to commit to anything – just to get an indication of local interest in the network.  If there is no interest, the project will not go ahead. 

Suzette and Bethan would be more than happy to meet groups and individuals involved in the arts and craft sector to discuss the project in more detail.

Please click on 'complete questionnaire' which will take you straight to the questions and when you have finished click submit.  Your completed form will then be automatically forwarded to us. 

Thank you - we look forward to receiving your completed questionnaires.

Should you wish to discuss anything with us, here are our contact details: 

Suzette Phillips           01639 686057   

Bethan Blackmore      01639 686076