Regenerate NPT Themes

Regenerate NPT Priority Themes


Logo Tower VibrantBuilding on the unique physical, social and cultural assets of NPT, enhancing the image of NPT as a good place to live and do business with vibrant, sustainable communities and high quality of life.


Logo Green Leaf Maximising the potential for the green economy in NPT including development of all aspects of renewable energy at a community level and the promotion of eco-tourism.


Energy Lightbulb EnterprisingCreating an enterprising environment that sustains and encourages the growth of new and existing micro and social businesses within NPT.


Logo jigsaw AccessibleImproving access to basic services, considering new, innovative and sustainable ways of supporting individuals to over-come barriers and to reach their full potential.


Regenerate NPT Objectives:

To increase the business and employment potential of outdoor activity.

To encourage local communities to take an active approach to improving their local environment.

To provide a support service for rural tourism enterprises including networking, promotion, and developmental support to improve the visitor experience.

To increase use of local produce to add value and shorten supply chains.

To encourage and support local farmers to develop non-agricultural business opportunities.

To encourage and support the development of new enterprises in NPT.

To identify new and innovative ways of overcoming local transportation barriers. 

To identify opportunities for council services which would benefit from delivery in and by the community.

To provide training for rural residents to develop skills levels to address identified gaps.

To secure community support for more renewable energy sources.

To explore alternative sources of fuel for community transport.

To increase exploitation of superfast broadband by all members of rural community.

Type of Actions to be Supported:

 • Produce feasibility studies in relation to the creation of themed walking/cycling trails

• Create an action plan for the development of new walking/cycling trails

• Develop business networking and collaboration to support the above

• Test viability of ‘apps’ for mobile devices – for walking and cycling

• Host events such as triathlons and marathons

• Test feasibility of holiday packages linking businesses in relation to mountain biking

• Develop promotional material in relation to access to the natural environment for tourism

Strategic Fit - Green, Vibrant and  Enterprising NPT

 • Provide training courses for volunteers

• Publicise volunteering opportunities in our rural areas using social media

• Test viability of ‘apps’ for mobile devices of volunteering opportunities

• Deliver projects relating to environmental improvements

• Provide opportunity for knowledge transfer of environmental skills

• Increase physical activity levels of project participants

• Increase community knowledge of local environmental resources

Strategic Fit - Green and Vibrant NPT

• Provide developmental support to new tourism related enterprises

• Create opportunities for networking between tourism related enterprises

• Production of activity packages in partnership with various enterprises

Strategic Fit - Enterprising NPT

• Establish a promotional campaign for local food and provide award scheme/endorsement

• Provide opportunities for networking amongst local producers, and retailers

• Research and pilot innovate new food products

• Pilot training activity to underpin greater food and drink processing and use

• Pilot training schemes for residents wishing to grow their own vegetables

• Hold local producer events

Strategic Fit - Vibrant and Enterprising NPT

• Provide pre-commercial developmental support for farmers looking to diversify into non-agricultural activities

• Hold events sharing best practise of farm diversification activities

• Provide internet marketing and social media training for farmers to develop the skills to promote their new businesses.

Strategic Fit - Enterprising NPT

 • Share case studies of successful social enterprises in region by creating networking opportunities for local community entrepreneurs

 • Provide all aspects of support for new social/green enterprises including on-going expertise and mentoring. • Produce feasibility studies for potential social/green enterprises

 • Develop sustainable strategy for identifying brown field sites for development of new business premises.

• Ascertain and share best practise of environmental and biodiversity compensation plan processes

Strategic Fit - Enterprising NPT

• Pilot innovative new schemes aimed at providing more transportation options

• Promote new schemes on social media in order to target young people, (specifically NEETs)

• Conduct feasibility studies of potential new route provisions and areas worst affected

Strategic Fit - Accessible NPT

• Identify key council services important in the rural county borough that could be outsourced and possibly provided by local and community enterprises

• Pilot community delivery of non-statutory services

• Identify potential locations for community hubs

Strategic Fit - Accessible NPT

• Conduct research into the key employment opportunities in NPT

• Produce action plan detailing the specific skills required of employees and how best to administer training

• Specifically target NEETs by engaging young people most at risk of underachievement

• Run pilot project to increase awareness amongst young people of personal indebtedness

Strategic Fit - Accessible and Enterprising NPT

 • Create a community based employment and mentoring service for local private and social enterprises to manage new recruits/volunteers/work experience

• Increase and improve existing skills and resources, both for individuals and communities

• Introduce and develop dynamic and interactive digital solution for community engagement

• Provide awards for volunteers that will encourage them to achieve potential

Strategic Fit - Accessible NPT

• Undertake extensive community consultation

• Option analysis to identify potential sites

• Produce information to support the adoption of renewable energy source

• Pilots for small-scale installations and evaluate payback and potential for community income

• Research joint ventures elsewhere between community organisations and renewable companies

• Provide support service for community energy development

Strategic Fit - Green NPT

• Research alternative sources of fuel for transport using best practise examples

• Pilot a bio-fuel scheme for community transport, recycling household and commercial cooking oil from rural communities

Strategic Fit - Green and Accessible NPT

• Produce map of all areas without access to fast digital provision

• Undertake a survey of all businesses in areas not covered to gauge potential use

• Use public institutions to drive improved coverage

• Undertake feasibility study of council services that could be moved online

• Run courses to increase use of internet marketing/social media by rural businesses

• Identify potential locations (village halls/pubs etc) and cost of provision of digital hubs

• Identify suitable council buildings and street furniture to locate public wi-fi in tourist areas

• Provide access to modern technology facilities and support and guidance for all residents in remote areas

• Provide training opportunities for rural residents to maximise use of existing IT hardware

Strategic Fit - Accessible and Enterprising NPT