Are you Eligible for LEADER?

Answer the following questions to find out if you are eligible to apply for funding under RDP (Rural Development Programme)

Are you involved in a local business enterprise or constituted community group?

Does that group or business hold its activities in one of the eligible Rural Wards?

Does that group or business need revenue funding* for a local project?

If you've answered YES to ALL of the above, would the project:

1. enhance the image of Neath Port Talbot as a good place to live and do business?  Vibrant

2. maximise the potential for the green economy in Neath Port Talbot?  Green

3. create and encourage the growth of new business opportunities in Neath Port Talbot?  Enterprising

4. work to improve basic services and support individuals to overcome barriers?  Accessible

Lastly, does the project:

  • encourage local residents to take an active approach to improve their environment and/or facilitate increased levels of tourism?
  • explore new ways of providing non-statutory local services?
  • pilot schemes that contribute to the sustainable development of rural areas?
  • encourage and support residents to become confident in accessing on-line services? 

If you've answered YES to some of the questions above then your group or business might be eligible for LEADER funding under the Rural Development Programme.

Take a look at some of the projects funded so far under Projects 2015 - 2020

PLEASE NOTE: for all LEADER projects the maximum contribution from the Programme will be no more than 80% of the total project costs. Therefore project leads must secure match-funding of at least 20% for each project.

Match-funding may be provided in the form of either cash or in-kind contributions. In-kind contributions are services, items or products donated to the project by an individual or organisation where no cash transaction took place.

State Aid:  Local Action Groups are specifically prohibited from giving assistance that would constitute State Aid to any undertaking and this will be checked at initial stage Expression of Interest.

Contact the RDP Team for an informal chat and/or check out the rest of this website to learn more about the programme.

(*Revenue Funding:   Money to be used for project running costs such as salaries, heating and lighting.)

If you would like to contact us with a potential project idea, please click on the link below: