Are You Eligible for RCDF?

Answer the following questions to find out if you are eligible to apply for funding under RCDF (Rural Community Development Fund)

Are you involved in a local business enterprise or constituted community group?

Does that group or business hold its activities in one of the eligible Rural Wards?

Does that group or business need capital funding* for a local project?

If YES, does the project support one or more of the following:

1. Provides investments towards creating and improving small scale infrastructure, ie. Investing in renewable energy and energy saving ideas.

2. Looking at ideas around broadband creation and improvement.

3. Improve or expand services related to leisure and culture.

4. Investment into recreational and small scale tourism.

5. Studies into maintenance, restoration and upgrading cultural and natural heritage.

6. Investment in the relocation of activities and/or conversion of buildings with a view to improving lives.

7. Drawing up development and management plans for community led ideas.

Lastly is the project:

  • Community driven ie. Is the local community the driving force behind the project?
  • looking to improve access to services for the benefit of those on low incomes?
  • Advantageous to families living in poverty or with disabled children in order for them to benefit from cheaper fuel tariffs?
  • Supporting people into employment and assisting them with childcare provision?
  • Helping people keep up with technology and use the internet to enhance their lives?

If you answered YES to just one of the questions from 1 – 7 AND one or more of the other questions above then your group or business might be eligible for funding under the Rural Community Development Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: For all RCDF projects, Project Leads must secure an element of match-funding.  RCDF will not fund 100% of projects or activities under this Programme.

Match-funding may be provided in the form of either cash or in-kind contributions. In-kind contributions are services, items or products donated to the project by an individual or organisation where no cash transaction took place.

Contact the RDP Team for an informal chat and/or check out the Regenerate NPT website to learn more about this scheme.

(*Capital Funding: Money for the purchase of fixed assets such as equipment that is used to provide services.)